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Apka spelnia oczekiwania. Łatwa szybka przyjemna w użytkowaniu. Najpotrzebniejsze funkcje, brak bzdetnych wodotryskow. Mnie bardzo pasuje.

Happy Linux user

Program godny polecenia wszystkim fanom muzyki, którzy nie chcą lub nie mogą korzystać z iTunes do jej synchronizacji. Musicloud pozwala na przesłanie plików na telefon poprzez WIFI, a do tego wykonany jest on solidnie i starannie. Polecam!


Godny polecenia

Jest git

Dobra apka


Good app



Works great but one issue

I love this player, it works great and it has a simple clean layout. The only issue I have is the fade in setting doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ve adjusted it but there isn’t any difference in transition to the next song


Awesome app! Does what it should AND landscape mode!

Love it!

Finally, a music app that doesn’t charge by subscription! I just put my music from Dropbox in the app & it’s available offline. The part I’ve been most surprised by is the equalizer quality. I’d say it’s very comparable to Spotify.

Audio files

Wish it had different speeds and 5-15 sec rewinding. More features. But it’s easy to use.


This is a great no problem no hassles easy to import and listen. The only thing I wish this app update for m4a Files support and a dark theme interface.

Not what I wanted

No ability to open local files. Nor anyway to open Seems to use workflows.

Very frustrating

I loved the free app and after months of annoying requests to “upgrade,” I finally did. For some reason the upgrade lost all of my iPhone files and seems to be an entirely alternate version with no connection to the older version. Fortunately, the older version of the app still loads but prompts me to “upgrade” again. I have no idea how to solve this and do not recommend the upgrade.

Stop asking for reviews.

Every time I use app it asks me for a review. Well now you have one


Playlist skips records and never play in order

Great App

Love it

Hard to import from the computer

But I was able to work around the problem using dropbox to import the files to the app so it took a bit of effort to get it done but worked out in the end.

Very good, but...

The reason I dumped the canned Apple Music app and went looking for an alternative is because of the autoplay feature. I hop in my car, fire it up, and all of the sudden, music is BLARING because I was jamming when I got out. There’s no way to disable that dratted feature! MusicCloud does the same thing, but besides that, I really like it. I connect to my home computer by wifi, where all my music library is located, and upload my songs. Much better than having to use incomprehensible iTunes. If they want 5 stars, they’ll add a feature to disable that #%*^%%*+^^#. autoplay.

Do Not Waste Your Money

Only had app about an hour .. downloaded song and everything was fine .. then every time I played a song within the first 10 seconds the app will close .. I deleted app and reinstalled .. still does the same thing .. I wrote to the support time and got absolutely nothing back .. I have now deleted this app for good and will be going through Apple to get my money back .. oh and this is the second review I wrote .. funny that my first one still hasn’t shown up

Very good app

I love it easy to use and very good sound I totally love it

Promising app falls short

No capability, so far as I’ve found, to import mp3 files directly from email attachments. Which means mp3 email attachments need to be downloaded, then uploaded to a cloud service, and then downloaded again before they can be imported Why can’t this app include a better file manager, with more file import options. Very disappointing

Unusable - lock screen skipping NOK

One can download music via the cloud as advertised. But SAMBA support to access NAS drives would be nice. Great interface. As pointed out by another user “lonelybean” There is a serious flaw. Skipping tracks from the lock screen does not work as intended. The player seems to skip multiple tracks and cycles thru a subset of the tracks in the playlist. This makes the app unusable as far as I am concerned. Ability to edit ID3 tags and artwork is awesome. Should provide ability to export tracks back to the cloud with the edits. Access to iphone music library is priceless. Also as pointed out by user kennye39 the app should not let you add a track to a playlist more than once. One can end up with multiple instances of the same song within a playlist. Despite having paid for the app, asks for review daily


La recomiendo funciona muy bien

Impressive and functional

This is a great alternative to traditional music services. You just get mp3 files onto your google drive/dropbox however and download them to the app. It's also easy to polish them by adding artist, song title, album cover etc. to make it look prettier. All around a great app.

Good qpp

I like this app good

Doesn’t support .wma files - HUGE disappointment

It is described as an mp3 and FLAC player, but should warn users those are the ONLY formats supported, which is actually very unusual for this type of app (based on the other music players I’ve looked at).

Nice, but disappointed

I do enjoy this app as I can now play my mp3 music on my iPad! It gets only 4 stars because of 2 reasons. I can’t play amazon music as I thought I could, and everytime I open the app it bugs me to rate and review. Well, here is my review!

This one doesn’t crash

It actually works

Great music player

Awesome music player worth the DL


Needs Night Mode themes and even after purchase still getting pop ups to rate and write a review. Great app

Thank you

Thank you for building this app.

I really like it a lot

I love it so much it's awesome

Love it

LOVE IT BC IT LETS U PUT LYRICS, u can put covers and change tags and it’s just a really good downloading app for your songs!!! Love it!!!!

Awesome app

The music is clear and the library is organized

It works

Unlike iTunes, it works easily with ripped music. Best money I have ever spent on an app


The repeat function does not work

Transition from free to full is terrible

Going from free to full is making me download everything again instead of just making the free into full.. I emailed the programer but no reply if I could get my refund I would do that just on GP.. no bueno!


Had been looking for something like this for a long time, thanks a lot 👍🏻

Pretty good so far

So far so good. I haven’t done much with it yet. I like how I can open a file on my phone and put it in a playlist without a computer.


need update plzzzzzzzz


Overall feel good but this application doesn’t fit on my iphone X . App is only stuck in the middle of the screen. Hopefully will get the update for ophone X full screen as soon as possible.

Horrible customer service

I’ve the paid version, and Sent them an email to ask about sharing my files ( no sharing option, like share my files through email or messages) , and no one answered me !! Ignoring your customer is not the best way to do your business 😔

Good and bad

Overall the app is pretty good but every time I try adding album art to my songs it freezes and crashes. Why?


Doesn’t work with my OneDrive anymore


I won’t let me delete iTunes songs from my playlist. It does not sync from the free app

My Fav but please fix crashing!!!!

I recently experienced a whole restart on this app and got frustrated thinking all my songs were gone but weren’t the only thing that restarted was some of my album covers missing. But overall I like it just wish y’all can make this app more secure!


Got a new iPhone and it was not compatible with my computer because it was to old. So no music on my phone until I got that app. Extracted my music from my laptop to my phone with ease. Love this app better that iTunes

Como puedo recuperar la música que tenía en esta aplicación en en teléfono anterior

Si puedo recuperar

Awesome App!👍

I have been part of the Free app for several years now. And I thought “Well, if it works so well under the Free app, the Pro app’s $2.99 would certainly be worth it”. And it IS! I even wrote the Owner with a question and he actually promptly replied! I have Amazon’s music app and this one works better than even that app! I have wondered through several other music apps over the years but quickly uninstalled each one. This is the only one with which I have stuck. If you are wavering about taking on “another music app”, don’t waiver. This is a great, clean app and I highly recommend. Andrew, you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work! FYI: I have the iPhone 8Plus.


This is the most wonky unusable program. If you’re looking to play or MP3s on your iPhone don’t use this program. It’s frustrating.

Worked fine on my older iPhone

Since I upgraded to the iPhone 8 my music doesn’t shuffle like it should. It skips most of my songs, waiting for a fix to this issue

Good but not perfect

Good app, needs a few more bells and functions to be a true replacement of the big boys. 1. Needs an export function 2. A Dark Mode 3. Local phone downloaded import Otherwise, I love the app it’s a perfect replacement for apples and googles ridiculous apps that want to constantly advertise me to buy more stuff.

Great App

Awesome App! You can download all the music that you love. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Don’t be fooled like me

Bought free app and it seemed to work fine pulling songs from my One Drive cloud, so I upgraded and bought the premium. Well turns out it will only go through alphabetically to the G’s in my One Drive. If I wanted to use it to listen to my music with bands that start with H-Z luck! Unable to remedy despite trying the usual troubleshooting. Steer clear!

Paid for an app that asks for a review several times a day

Using the free version of this app was annoying because I was constantly getting a pop-up about upgrading to the pro version. So I did. Now I constantly get pop- ups asking for a review. Here's your review: your pop-ups are obnoxious and you owe me $2.99.

Great app!

Love this app, I never use iTunes now. Great for playing flac files. The only feature I wish it had was that it worked on CarPlay (please add!).

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