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Its pretty good so far.

Im just happy I dont have to wake up my iPod play my next podcast. Now, Real Ghost Stories Onlines EPP Episodes play one after another and its great.

Great way to keep music files

Keeps music files from other app works greatly.

Great app

Does exactly what I need it to do and more, works excellent as a player for music stored in clouds or on my device

Very Good App

This is a five star app in the making. I withheld one star primarily for the following two reasons...1) It only imports approximately 65% of my downloaded iTunes library. It needs to be able to import 100%. 2) My other music files were stored in Microsoft One Drive. I had to move them over to Google Drive in order to be able to download them to this app. That was a major pain. The developers need to include all of the major cloud services, not just Google and Dropbox. Finally, a dark skin (or background) option would be nice. Otherwise, this app does all as advertised. I will be more than happy to add the fifth star to my review when these issues have been resolved. UPDATE- After having paid for this app and writing the above review, I am lowering my rating to a 1 star due to their continued constant requests to rate this app. VERY ANNOYING! UPDATE 8/10/17- These people just dont get it. Every time I open this app, a message appears requesting an app review, which I have now addressed 3 times. SAD!

Awesome Local Files Music App

5 stars for the pro version. I listen to local music files (especially live concert recordings) and had problems with apps that are increasingly streaming oriented. Spotify wouldnt let me play many of my local files that it confused with streaming version, no such problems with MusiCloud. Tunes wouldnt let me upload music to my phone over wifi without connecting via USB first (USB storage devices are blocked on my computer for security reasons). This MusiCloud app let me transfer all my local files to my phone over wifi without even needing to install software on my computer - you just use your browser (reverse direction transfer also supported). I see theres also several cloud options for uploading/downloading music to your phone, though I havent tried them yet. It is super easy to set up playlists (very cool filter feature to find the files you want). I have not had a single crash after about 10 hours of total use spread across multiple days (iPhone 6 Plus on latest iOS). I see theres a bug report feature so hopefully they are addressing whatever issues users experience. In the version I used it appears to be true that if you upload files and set up playlists with the free version you have to do this again if you upgrade to the pro version. I also experienced the nagware element and excessive ads in the free version. Bummer but lucky for MusiCloud owner this drove me to purchase the pro version right away so I wouldnt lose any set up effort and could ditch the ads. For the $3 or so it cost me it is a bargain for such a useful app which I am using all the time now. Im so happy with this app that I gave it 5 stars even though the free version is lacking (think of it as just a demo - try it and then if you like it delete it and install the pro version). If I had one beef with the pro version it is that it periodically asks you to rate it. I didnt want to rate it until I used it for several days so the prompt was a little annoying. Now that I have rated it in the pro version I expect to no longer be prompted and going forward this is an awesome app.

worth it !!

definitely worth paying for its a convenient music playing app ,, you dont have to plug in your phone to your computer or anything:)) just wirelessly download music which is radd:)) definitely recommend this !!

One of the best

This is a great music app and like the title its, "One of the best". My only problem I have with the app now is the fact that the import computer function doesnt want to work anymore. Even when I put the url in my computer and have it set on my phone, it wont connect. Idk whats happening with it but who knows if anything will be done about if its only an isolated thing.

Nice alternative to my previous application!

I originally used MusiRox (MP3 Music Downloader) on my phone, but the developer took down the application and it didnt work on my new 7 Plus. I looked for alternatives in the App Store for some time, until I came across this application. I have lots of albums on my Google Drive (basically my iTunes library) and it has really improved over my previous app. (The native English in this app is the best improvement!)

Stop harassing me

Every time I open this app it asks for a review, well there you go.

Perfect Customization

Quickly, intuitively organizes & stores *in phone* my audio that was uploaded into cloud. Finally! almost as easy as Android.

Easy to use, and does the job

I use this app everyday! Its so useful and easy to use! Ive recommended this app to multiple people, all who love this app as much as me!

Awesome App

can carry my music and not use up space on my phone!

My primary noise player

Had to go with the PRO . musicLOUD quickly became my top music app. Now I can rock live shows (my boots), iToons with many Clouds (and cloud storage) in A well put together muSICK app. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Freedom to edit ..ADD PERSONAL COVER (xcpt iToons files). Plus sharing is awesome . ?????!

Fantastic equalizer!!!

Highly recommended if you are interested in an eq that wont overpower your ears!!

stop with all of the pop ups

every time i open the app its either a notice that you know youve got a problem and youre working on it, or asking me to rate it. well im rating it and im giving you one star because i shouldnt be bombarded with this stuff every time i open a paid app. i bought it because i actually like a lot and i use it just about every day but seriously stop with all of the pop ups

Good player, but some fields should be improved

The app is stable and has a great file transfer interface (progress bar, etc.). Love the EQ, please add the balance (L<->R) adjustment. And PLEASE ADD DARK SKIN. All current skins are white-themed, which is annoying when its dark. One more thing - still waiting for .OGG files support. ;-)

Great! But...

It really is a great app. I use MP3 juices to download all my songs to google drive or Dropbox and then I bring them into MusiCloud. However I do have one problem with this app, it doesnt play music when I connect it to my car

Totally awesome!!

Best music player Ive ever used hands down!!...?

Its good

Real good

There is room for improvement

Almost ideal app for my use case. I am audiobook listener. Only one problem I have with this app so far. Sometimes it does not parse MP3 files correctly. I could not figure out the reason or pattern, but sometimes I have 10 files under file tab and 8 or 9 under album tab. I also wish they had bookmarks, so I can set aside one book and start another without loosing the marker.

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